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FiiO FA1 Single Balance Armature In-Ear Monitors


FiiO FA1 Single Balance Armature In-Ear Monitors

FiiO FA1 (smoke) main.jpg
FiiO FA1 accessories.jpg
FiiO FA1 (smoke) frontback.jpg
FiiO FA1 (red+blue) main.jpg
FiiO FA1 (red+blue) frontback.jpg
FiiO FA1 (smoke) main.jpg
FiiO FA1 accessories.jpg
FiiO FA1 (smoke) frontback.jpg
FiiO FA1 (red+blue) main.jpg
FiiO FA1 (red+blue) frontback.jpg

FiiO FA1 Single Balance Armature In-Ear Monitors



  • DLP 3D Printed

  • Specifically customized balanced armature driver

  • Detachable MMXC cable

  • Light and Comfortable

  • Excellent sound at an affordable price point

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Unparalleled precision from cutting-edge 3D

FA1 is created with advanced industrial-grade 3D printers utilizi DLP printing technology with resolution up to 25um. Compared traditional molding or injection molding processes, 3D printing conjunction with sophisticated digital modelling allows us to achieve more unit-to-unit consistency and better overall sound

Customized Knowles driver for mesmerizing sound, every time

inside the FA1 is a specially-customized balanced armature driver co-developed by FiiO and Knowles that especially capitalizes on the strengths of BA drivers for excellent sound. And with its low 15-ohm impedance you can be sure the FA1 will sound good out of anything, even from your phone!

Smooth, velvety yet precise balanced armature sound

The balanced armature drivers in the FA1, in conjunction with the specially designed micrometer sound tube, have been tuned to provide a natural yet smooth sounding frequency response, free from any dips or peaks. With the FA1, you will get robust yet quick bass, wonderfully rich mids, and treble dripping with detail and speed that only balanced armature drivers can provide.

A transparent look into the extraordinary

The FA1’s arresting ripple texture faceplate complemented by an equally stunning transparent body, allowing you to marvel at design and care that went into every detail of the in-ear monitor’s design.

Honed by thousands of ears

The shape of the FA1 was designed from the input of tens of thousands human ear shapes, to ensure maximum comfort and that the sound flows unimpeded to your ears.

Choosing the perfect outer shell

The outer shell of the FA1 employs a skin-friendly re material, specifically chosen for maximum wearing comfort and for its ability to durably retain its colour lustre for years to come.

Light as a feather

Thanks to advanced 3D printing technology and the skin- friendly resin material of the shell, a single FA1 ear unit weighs in at a mere 4.5g for unparalleled wearing comfort.

Detachable cables for unleashed sound

Not only does the included MMCX cable enhance the durability of the FA1 by making it easy to replace, it also enhances the sound you get. The included 3.5mm- terminated cable is made of oxygen-free copper-plated silver wire for supreme clarity and a vast soundstage.

The attention to detail starts with accessories

Included with the FA1 are a waterproof c case, a cleaning brush, ear tips optimized fo (3 pairs), and ear tips optimized for a balanced signature (3 pairs) so that y immediately ready to listen the way you want to.


  • Headphone Type: Over-the-ear

  • Impedance: 15Ω@1kHz

  • Plug Type: 3.5mm

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz

  • Sensitivity: 111dB (1kHz@1mW)

  • Cord Length: 120cm

  • Driver Type: Knowles ED-33357

  • Maximum Input Power: 100mW

  • Single Earbud Weigh: 4.5g